Our mood


Obtained from a former railway warehouse redeveloped to create an evocative multipurpose container. Areadocks has become the home of an expression of research, taste and selection, aimed at giving life to multiple spaces in a single multipurpose setting.


Areadocks is a loft divided into separate enviroments, each with its own sales sector, but with a single synergistic commercial purpose and Areadocks taste in the selection of its proposal.

The synergy between the environments and the services offered represent the backbone of the Areadocks commercial project and ensures that customers can enjoy a mix of exclusive offers within a unique space of sales and entertainment, which stands out for its style and unique atmosphere.

The strength of our format is the continuous renewal of the space, settings and exhibitions, supported by a great international research and a thirty-year diversified know-how on all the activities carried out.

Areadocks stands out from its competitors thanks to the variety of experiences and services that can be experienced within it. Catering, restaurants, cocktail bars, events and live dj-sets are naturally related to services such as interior design and architecture studio, ice cream and pastry shop, clothing, furniture sales and rarities of vintage design: all this combined toghether and surrounded by contemporary art's installations.

The emotion is in the relationship. Our mission is to have an attentive behavior to people, taste, comfort, beauty, functionality, all in harmony with the times and with the
territory. The Areadocks project keep intact the philosophy that generates it in its actions is redesigned on the territory: the same taste approach will be seen on harmony of every enviroments' construction with the territory insertion.

Our latest project: Areadocks Boutique Hotel which has 13 rooms furnished with design elements, vintage pieces, works of Contemporary Street Art and more,
in eclectic harmony with the original architecture of the building dating back to the early 1900s. The Boutique Hotel offers all the services inspired by the internationality of Areadocks, the container that extends over more than 5000 square meters and occupies an entire block.
A real internal itinerary, which guests can follow by taking advantage of multiple activities: SPA, four restaurants, six cocktail bars, patisserie, ice cream parlor, meeting room, clothing and accessories shop for men and women, furniture and design, architect's studio and the entertainment on several days of the week.